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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Perils of caffeine deprivation...

No matter how hard you try, you cannot lock your car with a Tamagotchi.

My DD's Tamagotchi ended up in my purse this morning, and I unwittingly discovered that it is the same size and shape as the keyless entry remote for my car. I had just parked in my office lot and was walking toward the building when I reached into my purse and pressed the button on the remote (or so I thought) to lock my car, as usual, and it took me a moment to realize my mistake.

When I told DH about it, he suggested the Tama needed more training. But maybe it, like me, just needed caffeine.

This weekend, we saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We all really enjoyed it. I never saw the original movie with Gene Wilder, but DH and my stepkids all had, and were unanimous that this one was far better. DD wanted to get the video immediately after the movie, and doesn't quite understand that just because she's already seen it in theatres doesn't mean that it's already out on video. It was pretty close to what I remember from reading the book as a child *mumble* years ago, with some back-story added for Wonka. I personally thought it added some nice character development, though I confess that it was a bit strange to see Christopher Lee (who played Wonka's father) with short hair, after seeing him as Saruman in the Lord of the Rings movies. The visuals were quite nice, and the Oompa Loompas rocked. Literally, in some scenes.

One of the previews before the film was for the upcoming Wallace and Gromit movie, which looks to be quite funny! I enjoyed Chicken Run, and the other Wallace and Gromit features I've seen, so this could be a treat as well. I also want to see the Narnia movie that comes out in December.

I bought the latest Harry Potter book last night, but have not yet started it. DsD got first dibs at it - I think she was the first one to read the previous Potter book (which DH has yet to read). She's a few chapters into this one, and it's just as well she gets it first - if it's like the previous books, I'd "one more chapter" myself into the wee hours! That, and I generally prefer to read one book at a time, and I'm already reading Time and Chance right now.

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