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Sunday, June 19, 2005

See and believe...

I've actually made decent progress on Last Supper the past couple weeks.

Behold, my progress as of 180 hours:

(Click for larger pic)

This weekend I finished the detailing on Christ and on Thomas. (Granted, Thomas was pretty easy because he's hanging out in back...)

On a only-slightly-cabbage note, I took one of those online Myers-Briggs personality-type quizzes. And like every other time I've taken an online one, I came up ISTJ. This one listed the aforementioned St. Thomas as another famous ISTJ. Maybe that's why he's the apostle to whom I can best relate...

Interestingly, though, the only time I've ever taken an 'official' MBTI test, I came up INTJ, which would put me in good company with C.S. Lewis and Gandalf.

On one of the stitching boards I'm on, most of us who took some sort of MBTI test came up as some sort of "IJ" permutation (75% of board population vs 14% of general). But given that needlework tends to be both a solitary and organized pursuit, that's not terribly surprising.

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