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Monday, June 20, 2005

Reaper Mom

This evening I cleaned up DD's room. Before I got home from work, DsD and dBF took DD out to the mall so I could clean without interruption, and I think it was a successful venture on both sides. I'm proud of how clean I was able to make it within a very small time frame.

I managed to cull a copypaper box full of toys, mostly of the fast-food/convenience-store type. I also put 15 stuffed animals in a box for storage, and another 25 in a large bag for donation. I've got the animals and toys that will be donated hidden away in a back closet until I have a chance to donate them - hopefully she won't notice their absence until long after they're gone.

I do feel like an evil mommy, though, the Bane Of All Things Fun, for getting rid of so many of DD's toys and stuffies. I felt pangs of regret, and occasional nostalgia when an animal to be given away was one from my own childhood. But on the other hand, DD really does have quite a lot of toys, certainly far more than she needs. Especially when there isn't really room to put everything away. Besides, the toys will go to my local thrift store to serve a higher calling.

So I acknowledged the guilt I felt, and kept going. DD got home and saw her room clean, and asked me if I'd gotten rid of anything. Uh-oh. Evasive maneuver: I asked her if it looked like I got rid of anything, to which she answered "No", and I told her that I got rid of some papers laying on the floor (which I did, but that was by no means the entirety). She was okay with that and thanked me for cleaning her room.

I just hope she doesn't notice what's missing....

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