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Monday, December 20, 2004

Jack Frost nipping at my nose...

...and Father Time nipping at my heels.

It's certainly chilly by Florida standards - we had freeze warnings last night, and even at midday today it was about 45F (at the time of this writing my weatherthingy says 50F). A good day to sleep in, and lounge around the rest of the day drinking hot beverages.

I did sleep in a bit, since I'm off work this week and we stayed up rather late last night watching the extended-edition Return of the King. I loved the theatrical release (and indeed the whole trilogy), and I loved this edition even more. The new scenes (and extensions of existing scenes) helped to fill in more of the story. Little things that some people might not necessarily care about, but I really enjoyed. Well worth the drive to UPS to get before its scheduled arrival of today. And I will be doing the marathon at some point!

But back to the original plan - slept in, but lounging around isn't really possible. I took DH's car in to the shop for a warrantied cosmetic part swap (he took my car to work). I've also balanced my checkbook, cleaned the fishtanks, and I really ought to be working on cleaning up the computer room. We'll have various houseguests over the next week, and my inlaws will be coming down for a few days toward the end of the month. Now, the amount of housework that needs to be done to accommodate our various and sundry guests varies. Dinner guests are only likely to be seeing the main areas of the house, and are likely to be more forgiving of a little clutter since they have small children of their own. My MIL is another matter, so the house will need to be in rather better condition for that. Well, at least I've got over a week before they arrive. I might get the house presentable by then.

I'd really rather be stitching. I finished JCS 2001 Moss Creek Designs "Celtic Triple Braid and Holly" for one of our priests, and I'm doing JCS2004 M Designs "Peace Tree" for another. That one seems to be shaping up pretty quickly. Then to figure out how to ornamentize them.

Well, I'd best get off to doing housework so I don't feel quite so guilty about stitching...

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