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Friday, December 17, 2004

Quest for the Lord of the Rings

The Foibled Ship of The Rings
As I've mentioned previously, I was very much looking to the extended edition of Return of the King. DH had ordered it online along with some textbooks for his next theology course, and since Barnes&Noble can't ship before it's released, it shipped on the 14th.

So I was very excited when the UPS tracking report on the 16th said "Out For Delivery". And last night I waited excitedly for my DVD to arrive. And waited.

And waited. At 9pm I figured with all the holiday shipping that the truck was running late. It was 11pm before I reconciled myself to the disappointing reality that My DVD Was Not Coming. It had gone off to the peculiar limbo of lost socks where the transmogrification to wire hangers occurs.

The Two Tortures
Today I monitored the UPS tracking info, hoping that somehow my DVD would emerge from the Land of the Lost and once again present itself to mortal eyes. And around 1pm it did...it somehow had not quite made it on yesterday's truck. Or today's - it was found after the truck left, and so was not scheduled to be delivered until Monday. Oh, the agony...

Well, I know where the UPS distribution office around here is. And I knew that my DVD was in that office. And that I only work about 6 miles away from it. So I called UPS, hoping that I'd be able to arrange to pick it up today instead of agonizing over its fate all weekend. UPS said they would contact the local office (since the local number wasn't published) and they would call me back within the hour. Which came and went, and by 5pm I still had not heard from the local office.

Return of the DVD
I decided to drive down there in hopes that I'd be able to recover my shiny circular preciousssss. As I was driving there, I got a call from the local place, and they said they had found my package! Such joy!

So now all is right with the world. And I can look forward to an "extremely extended edition" sometime over the holidays!

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