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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

4 days and counting....

Well, 3 more since today's nearly done. All the presents have been bought, arrived if ordered online, and been wrapped!

I realized today I wasn't quite done, as DD had not yet gotten a present for her older sister. So it was off to Best Buy - I knew pretty much what we were going to get, and it took us quite a while to find a parking space. More time than it took to get the gift, get in the cattle-corral line for the registers, pay, and get out. Then off to a gift-wrap stand (conveniently sponsored by the softball team at DsD's high school) to get the gifts wrapped so as not to spoil the surprise for DsD.

I also have stocking stuffers for DD - Nestle Smarties, and Maynards Wine Gums, the latter as a gift from a friend who needed me to remail to her Secret Stitcher victim.

So, other than the procrastinated task of cleaning house, and finishing a couple of ornies, our holiday preparations are DONE! And there was much rejoicing (yaaaaay)...

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