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Monday, December 06, 2004

In the clouds

It must be "Spoil Belinda Day" today! I got home from picking DD up from school to find not one, but TWO packages of goodies for me.

The first was a selection of chocolates, candies, and a stitching kit from a weather goddess (Thank you Glenda!):

DD had designs on the roll of Maynards Winegums, and within 15 minutes of my opening the package they were gone!

The other was from my Secret Stitcher - a Silkweaver Santa Bag with fat quarters of "Mountain Rose" 32ct Belfast, "Meadow Mist" 28ct Cashel, and "Polished Brass" 32ct Opalescent Lugana...and all of them are simply beautiful....(Thank you very much, Midnight!)

I am feeling completely spoiled today!

Despite currently being on Cloud 9, I was actually productive this weekend. DD's room is clean, and I only have a couple of boxes of toys to weed through. I moved my bins of craft stuff (mostly yarn) to the back bedroom closet, which makes more room for DD's stuff. We're also going to swap her toddler bed for the twin bed in the next room sometime this week (the toddler bed converts to a full, and the back bedroom will evolve into a guest room). I'd like to steamclean her floor first, though.

I also started Moss Creek's "Celtic Triple Braid and Holly" ornament (JCS 2001) for my priest. Got hit with a plague of frogs on my first two starts - the first because I didn't think it'd fit where I'd initially started, and the second because I belatedly realized I needed to be doing it over 1. It's well underway now, though, and shaping up beautifully.

I have some web updates to do tonight, then back to stitching during Monday Night Football....

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