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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

All that glitters...

I did finish my web updates last night, but instead of stitching, I steamcleaned DD's carpet (or at least the worst parts of it). The grand plan for tonight is to switch the beds. Hopefully we will indeed get to that...and *then* I'll get to stitch some. Even with my Christmas shopping done, I still feel insanely busy.

Not much new to report, so I'll throw a few memes at you

Sunday Brunch 12/05/04 - Jewelry
(Note to DH - no, this is not a hint...)
1) Which stone is your birthstone? Do you like it?
My birthstone is amethyst. I do like amethysts - the darker the better, but they're all pretty. I also like sapphires, emeralds, and tanzanite, although they're not my birthstones. (I also like my birthflower - violets. February must be purple month or something...)

2) Do you prefer silver or gold?
It really depends - I like both. Gold doesn't tarnish, but silver is less expensive.

3) Name the jewelry that you wear whenever you leave the house.
As of this moment -
Left ring finger: Wedding band (plain gold band), anniversary band (9 diamonds in channel-cut gold), emerald/diamond channel-cut gold band.
Neck: Silver Celtic cross, blue cameo of the Blessed Virgin that DH got for me in Rome, and silver St. Isidore of Seville medal, all on silver chains.

I have several other rings (family birthstone; silver knotwork; gold Claddagh; tanzanite/gold; black star sapphire/gold; black opal/black hills gold - I like unusual stones) that I used to wear all the time as well, but I need to lose a few more pounds before they'll fit comfortably again. (I need to lose the pounds anyway, so I haven't bothered getting the rings resized.)

4) What is your most precious and valuable item of jewelry?
....My preciousssss....
The most precious to me is the wedding band. It may not be the most financially valuable item, but its worth to me is incalculable because it represents our commitment to each other. It's also the ring he gave me when we got engaged (which is a story for another blog entry). I've only ever taken it off for the necessary evil of resizing.
As for most financially valuable, I honestly don't rightly know. DH has gotten me some very beautiful pieces, including an emerald/diamond necklace he got for me the year our DD was born (her birthstone is emerald) and a diamond bracelet. If I had to place bets, I'd put my money on that emerald necklace.

5) Do you carry insurance on any of your jewelry and if not, why not?
Nothing beyond normal homeowner's insurance. I hope none of my pieces are expensive enough to be separately insured!

And a few back Stitcher's QotW:
What has been your most interesting stitching related injury?
Most of my stitching 'injuries' have been pretty mundane - poking myself with (or accidentally stepping on) a needle, accidentally banging my leg/foot against my lap stand when I've set it down, stuff like that. If you open it up to any sort of needlecraft, I did get a sewing machine needle through my nail once (was rushing to finish something up and didn't watch my fingers closely enough.)

Do you know it all or is there something out in the stitching world you still want to know how to do?
Yah right - I am nowhere *close* to knowing it all, even about cross-stitching. There are a lot of stitching techniques and styles I'd love to learn, especially regional specialties like Carrickmacross or Mountmellick embroidery. I'd also like to learn tatting (both shuttle and needle). I'll never presume to be an expert in any style - I learn and do for my enjoyment.

Hand-dyed fabrics - love 'em or hate 'em? If you love them, what kind/colours do you have?
I'm still pretty new to using hand-dyeds - many of them are quite nice and I think they add interest to a piece, especially ones without borders or backgrounds. I tend to go for the more subtle colored ones, but I love neutrals and cool colors (especially blues or purples!) Most of my hand-dyeds are from Silkweaver, but I also have a few from Sugar Maple Fabrics and a few others.

One of these years I may get to the MarBek Nativity, perhaps on one of the Blended Needle fabrics for that purpose, like perhaps Enchanted Night.

One of these years.

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