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Monday, November 08, 2004

More Monday miscellany...

This weekend was our parish Fall Festival, with the usual run of midway games, entertainment, and inflatable rides. DD was very excited about the Festival - so much so that at 8am Saturday morning, she woke me up with a "Mom! You said you were going to take me to Fall Festival today!". Never mind that it didn't open until noon. We did go in the afternoon both Saturday and Sunday, and DD had a blast. Especially with the bouncyhouse and the velcro wall! The weather was cooperative, too - in the 70's and sunny. Perfect for fair-going. Although I spent time both afternoons trying to sleep off the effects of being out in the sun. If it weren't for life being a diurnal thing, I'd be more of a nocturnal critter.

Still, the Festival was a lot of fun for a good cause. And a darn sight cheaper than Disney!

For years, DH and I have been maintaining that the Miami Hurricanes football team has been overrated. Yes, they've often been ranked in the top ten...but with the exception of Virginia Tech and West Virginia, they haven't really been playing anyone of note. This year, they've joined the ACC, and have lost their last two games...to unranked ACC opponents. (Clemson's victory this weekend, in Miami no less, was SOOOO sweet). They're not doing so well now that they have some real competition.

Miami, welcome to the ACC!

I'm also pleased to see that the Florida Gators are not doing so well either - they're another team I feel has been consistently overranked. Florida State (another ACC newbie) is up there too. The BCS makes for strange bedfellows, though. It still irks me to feel compelled to cheer for FSU because they're an ACC team and therefore we need them to do well, if only to make the ACC look good and to improve Georgia Tech's strength-of-schedule. Now that FSU's been an ACC team for a couple years, it's a little easier to root for them. Miami, on the other hand, will take some doing.

This week's entry in the "Some people have too much time on their hands" category - Online bubble wrap. Enjoy.

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