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Friday, November 05, 2004


My apologies for not writing yesterday. Between illness, election stress, and just plain busyness, I haven't been able to think of anything particularly clever to write.

The weekend should be pretty relaxing. Our parish Fall Festival is this weekend, and DD has been really wanting to go. Last year we had a great time, and DD and I tried the velcro-wall inflatable. Let me tell you, that is harder than it looks, but it's a blast! I hope we have as much fun this year.

And wonder of wonders, we're actually in a cold snap. Relatively speaking, of course...it's in the upper 60's, after being in the upper 80's yesterday. It feels quite nice, and I hope it lasts through the weekend. There's just something patently unnatural about pushing 90 in November.

The holiday season is just around the corner! I occasionally get on a baking binge in December, as do many other folks. Which would explain why this week's Friday Forum was on cookies!

Friday Forum 11/05/2004 - Cookies!

1. What is your ultimate favorite kind of cookie? Do you usually bake them yourself or buy them somewhere? Why are they your favorite?

My single favorite kind of cookie is homemade chocolate chip, especially when warm!

2. Tell us which type of cookies you prefer. Chewy? Crispy? No-bake? Cookie bars? Or something else?

Chewy, homemade right-out-of-the-oven warm. Never tried no-bake, and I don't like burnt cookies. My favorites (besides chocolate chip) are oatmeal-raisin (or oatmeal with some other minced fruit) and homemade shortbread.

3. Do you bake cookies often, or do you prefer to buy them? Do you have any special secrets for making awesome cookies? Have you ever entered a cookie contest?

I probably buy cookies more often than make them, but don't do either particularly often. I prefer homemade cookie.s I've done cookies for bake sales, but have never entered a contest. My "secret" with chocolate chip cookies is using the mini-chips - you get better distribution in the cookie that way.

4. What do you like to eat or drink along with your cookies? [For example, milk, tea, coffee, ice cream, etc.]

Hot tea is the best with cookies, especially shortbread!

5. Will you be baking any cookies for the upcoming holiday season? Why/why not? Are there any traditional cookie recipes in your family?

I may or may not be baking cookies - it really depends on whether I get the urge, and whether I have time. I sometimes get on a holiday baking binge, but the past few years it's been rum cake that fulfills the urge. For a while I was making peanut butter "mice" - shaped peanut butter balls with peanut ears, cinnamon-dot eyes, and thin red licorice tails. I've had people give me the licorice so I'd make the cookies. It's been about 7 years since I've done that, though.

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