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Monday, October 04, 2004

A weekend in the life....

Well, the weekend was certainly interesting. Probably as much in a Chinese curse sort of way, as anything else.

Saturday, my parish had a Blessing of the Animals, and a lot of people brought their pets to be blessed. DD heard about it at school, and insisted we bring her fish to get blessed. (I think she was initially under the impression that her fish would be baptised, for some reason). So now we have a blessed betta, and even made the paper because we were the only ones who brought fish. So that was actually kind of interesting in a nice way.

Yesterday, DH, DsD and I moved the rest of the fence. Unfortunately toward the end of moving pieces around, I dropped part of a section, and took a nail puncture in the leg...ouch! I'm glad my tetanus shot is up to date. I don't think it was too deep a wound, and it bled enough to be clean. I didn't feel like spending my evening in the ER, so we just cleaned and bandaged it. I'll keep an eye on it, just in case. Today it looks fairly clean, if a bit bruised around the area. (I bruise like a peach anyway, and I have other fence-caused bruises on both arms and legs, so that doesn't worry me.) I have been favoring the leg a bit, which has made everything else ache (insert obligatory "Belinda is getting old" whine). I'm also not sure whether I'll be able to get much exercising in this week, but we'll see.

I only sustained one fire ant bite, fortunately - initial treatment of the fire ant mound resulted in heavy casualties, but not complete destruction. Despite my desire last entry, I used fire ant killer instead of gasoline. If the mound is still there today, though, I may well put the 'fire' in fire ants!

In between moving fence sections, I did get a fair bit of stitching done - probably about 5 hours over the course of the weekend.

DH taught DD how to play Stratego. She's got the rules down pretty well, and is starting to develop some strategy, although we're not expecting Napoleonic achievement when she's only 5. We may yet make a wargamer out of her!

Speaking of wargames, I promised DH a game of Kingmaker...

Anyway, in the interests of accountability, here are my weekly goals:
Last week's goals:
  • Get to Curves 3x - Done!
  • Finish parish website - Done and waiting for handoff
  • Move the frelling fence! - As done as it's gonna get..

    This week's goals:
  • Get to Curves 3x
  • Handoff of parish website
  • Balance checkbook

    Just for fun, here's a link that came through my inbox - it's an interactive zipcode map called ZipDecode. Click on 'zoom' when you get there to get the automated zoom-in. As you type a digit, it narrows down the map as you go. Pretty neat, even if someone does have too much time on their hands!
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