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Saturday, October 02, 2004

The ants go marching one by one...

This morning I was out moving sections of fence from my backyard. Sweaty job - the sections are about 8' wide, 6' tall - heavy and awkward to carry. I also discovered that they've been sitting around too long. Walking on top of one section to move another, I stirred up a mound of fire ants.

Of all the things I dislike about living in Florida, fire ants are the absolute WORST - their bites hurt, and I get allergic reactions to their venom. Now, I used to be okay with ants, but since I've been exposed to fire ants, I'm wary of ALL ants. Well, maybe not the tiny sugar ants (what my grandmother used to call 'p*ss ants")...those are just annoying. But anything larger than that, I really really dislike.

There are times I wonder why fire ants exist...what ecological purpose do they serve that normal ants don't? Or maybe they're corrupted creatures, like Tolkien's orcs are corrupted elves, and trolls are corrupted Ents. It would explain a lot, nasty evil buggers!

They buuuuuurns! We hates them, nassssty fire antses! We hates them AALLLLLLLLLL!

A few years ago, I heard a radio commercial that went something like this:
There is much to be said for living in peace and harmony with all God's creatures...
..but that's nothing compared with the thrill of WASTING FIRE ANTS! *evil laugh*

Hmmm....I do still have some gasoline from our evacuation last month. I feel a little pyromania coming on!

*wanders off chuckling evilly*

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