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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The sky is falling!

There is, supposedly, an old Chinese curse that says "May you live in interesting times". In fact, Terry Pratchett wrote a book called Interesting Times, but despite my affection for Discworld novels, I'm not going to discuss them today (although I really could use myself a Luggage!)

Things were...interesting...in that Chinese curse sort of way this morning. Driving to work this morning, it was pouring rain. (This is Florida, that's nothing new - fortunately there were no associated winds.) I got to my office and began working, and I could hear the torrent outside.

Then I hear what sounds like a heavy rain...inside. Followed by commotion in the halls, and exclamations of "It's raining in (n)'s office!". Being human and being curious, I follow the sounds and discover that, indeed, there is a rather heavy leak in this person's office. We then discover water dripping down the walls in adjacent offices, and soon a long line of offices along the east wall of the building are being evacuated - computers powered off and covered, wall hangings removed. In one office, a ceiling tile collapsed and dumped water on an unsuspecting coworker.

As the rain died down, facilities crew discovered the cause - an overflowing gutter, which flooded the roof. Why any building in Florida would have a flat roof, with as much annual rain as we get, is beyond me, but there you have it.

It made for an interesting morning, especially as latecomers arrived to discover their office in waterlogged disarray. I am very glad I have an interior office!

Sometimes things are *too* interesting.

May you live in mundane times.

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