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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sense and sensibility

I'm a little frustrated at the moment - there are some issues with the parish website. Or rather, with maintenance thereof. I did the whole thing in Notepad. The maintainer only knows how to use FrontPage, and doesn't want to use anything else. And for some reason, some of the pages aren't able to come up in FrontPage. I don't have FrontPage on any of my machines, and only the barest of experience with it. (IMHO, FrontPage is cheating. If you're gonna do web stuff, do the raw HTML.) I suggested she try opening up the files in WordPad and saving them, then trying them with FrontPage, but she doesn't want to do that. That, and she sees the problem as a 'broken link' issue, when I think it's a file encoding issue. So trying to figure out the issue requires finding time to go to her office...which when we both work normal office hours is a bit of a PitA.

I guess I can't fault her too much, though - it's just that we've approached the issue from radically different perspectives.

From my trying to be sensible, let's move on to senses, shall we?

Friday Forum 10/8/04 - Senses
1] Seeing: What's the most beautiful piece of artwork that you've ever seen in person? Where was it, and when? Why does it stand out in your mind?
A "Hand of God" sunset from the beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales in June 2002. Simply breathtaking. These pictures (pic 1 pic 2) don't do it justice..
Of items crafted by human hands, I've been awed by artworks and stained glass windows in several of the cathedrals I've been in. Some of them just strike down deep into the heart...
2] Hearing: How would you describe the sound of your voice? When it's played back for you, do you like the sound of it? Do you feel that your voice is similar to anyone else's?
My voice has somewhat of a drawl (cross between Virginia and Georgia accent), but I also tend to speak fast so sometimes syllables get dropped - my diction isn't always the best. As for singing voice, I have somewhat of an odd (and narrow) range - I'm neither fully soprano nor alto.
I detest the sound of my recorded voice, to the point that I tend not to leave messages on voicemail if I don't have to, and I hold my cellphone away from my ear when it says my greeting while I'm retrieving messages. If I leave a message on my machine at home, I delete it as soon as I recognize it's me, rather than listen to myself speak. I've never tried comparing my voice with others, so I don't know if I sound like anyone else.
3] Tasting: Are there any foods or beverages that most people seem to like, but you just don't seem to have a taste for?
The sickly sweet sugary-cream filling in things like Krispy Kreme donuts, Twinkies, and other snacky-cake things. Bleah. If my snack has filling, it'd better be chocolate, jelly or custard.
4] Touching: Would you consider yourself a "touchy-feely" person, or do you prefer staying within your own personal "zone" most of the time? Do you often give/receive hugs, offer handshakes, or greet others with a kiss on the cheek?
I'm huggy with friends and family, but that's about it. I get really uncomfortable with other folks in my personal space. Handshakes are fine - I have a pretty firm handshake. My greeting others with a kiss is extremely rare for anyone other than DH or the kids.
5] Smelling: Do you wear perfume/cologne? What kind? Do you have a particular favorite? What fragrances do you tend to prefer?
DH has a very sensitive sense of smell, so I don't wear perfume. I'll occasionally go with a light floral body spray, but that's it. I even tend to go with lightly scented deodorants. I do like natural floral scents - rose, lavender, sometimes freesia. Most perfumes, though, tend to have a sharpness to them.

In good stitching news, I did finish stitching Floral Swirls last night! I also found a rather nice fabric for the pillow back, and I'll do the finishing on that this week! I've worked on this piece off and on for about 3 years, so I'm glad to have it out of my hair...

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