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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

game over

I am, I must confess, a colossal sucker for puzzle-type arcade games.

Instead of stitching last night, I spent several hours playing an annoyingly addictive game called Cubis on my PDA. I did (after several tries) manage to get a high score - double my previous one. I'm sure, however, it will be like my other flirtations with puzzle games on my PDA - I play it for days, until I have a good run and put up a significantly higher score than I'd been doing to date, make a few more attempts that aren't even close, and move on. It doesn't happen often that I get hooked on a game, but when it does I get stuck for a while.

I'm that way with PC computer games as well. A lot of them find their way into our house - DH is an avid PC gamer, with a strong leaning toward wargames. He's spent hundreds of hours playing Medieval Total War, and just this weekend he got another game from the same designers - Rome Total War. This updated game engine required us to upgrade to a 3D-capable graphics card, but it was money well spent...DH pulled an all-nighter Friday night playing it. I don't spend quite as much time on PC games. I'll occasionally get streaky on puzzle/arcade games or something like Civ 2, spend several days on it, then move on to non-computer pursuits. I don't mind that DH likes to play on the computer - my primary hobbies tend to be solitary activities, so I don't mind the odd streak of computer widowhood. Especially when I do the same thing, but far less frequently.

Hm....I've been hearing that Zuma is addictive, and it should be coming out on PDA soon....

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