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Monday, October 11, 2004

Daylight...I must wait for the sunrise...

I will be heartily glad when Daylight Screwup Time is over. It's very hard to get motivated to get up (and even more difficult to get DD up) when it's still dark out. Not that getting up in the morning isn't hard enough already. Still, I suppose I should be glad I don't live above the Arctic Circle.

There's also just something...unnatural...about it being over 80F in October. October should have a hint of frost in the air, and leaves on the ground from seasonal changes instead of hurricanes. But then, for people who have lived here all their lives, snow is a foreign concept. I actually do know people that have never seen snow before....

Anyway, the weekend was as relaxing as promised. We did gaming on Saturday for the first time in several weeks. It was a lot of fun - one of the characters somehow found himself being 'escorted' to the local robber-baron, who attempted to make him 'an offer he can't refuse'. Well, the character not only *did* refuse, but managed to separate the crime boss from his head, crash through a window, and get away from the enforcers. Ah, Dramatic Tactical Combat...gotta love it!

Sunday I got some stitching in on Floral Swirls, which I hope to finish this week and be done with. I watched some football. It was a good weekend for me for college football (Georgia Tech won, Georgia and Florida lost), but not so good in the pros. No winnings for me this week.

But on to the weekly goals!

Last week's goals:
  • Get to Curves 3x - Only 2x, between commitments and the game leg
  • Handoff of parish website - Done!
  • Balance checkbook - Done!

    This week's goals:
  • Get to Curves 3x
  • Finish Floral Swirls pillow
  • Straighten up (and cull) craft bookshelf
  • Clean up entertainment center

    Monday Night Football tonight - Titans v. Packers. The pool winners for this week have already been determined, so the game is irrelevant to me. Which means I don't feel compelled to stay up and watch. Although it does give me a chance to stitch.
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