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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Bon appetit!

Today is "Dine Out for Disaster Relief" day here in Florida - many local restaurants are donating a percentage of their takes today toward a hurricane relief fund.

Hey, any excuse to go out to eat!

DD brought home her report card yesterday - she had perfect marks, so she gets to pick where we go. Fortunately, being 5 her knowledge of restaurants is pretty much limited to the ones we normally frequent anyway, so she's guaranteed to pick something we like. As long as she doesn't pick McDonalds. Not that I have any sort of problem with McDonalds (I do grab fast food from there on occasion)...it's just not a nice sit-down type of place to eat. If we're going out to dinner as a family, I prefer it to be someplace a little nicer. But not *too* fancy...those places are reserved for very special occasions.

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