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Monday, October 18, 2004

The weekend wrapup...

The weekend was pretty full! Friday I took DD to the library, and she got her first library card! She was very excited about that. Saturday I took her to a local fair, and she rode every ride she was tall enough to be on. She loved the Scrambler and the Ferris wheels....the only one she didn't like was the Casino, which spins while tilted at an angle.

Sunday was the long-awaited part one of the Farscape miniseries! . Part two comes on in 15 minutes, so I'll keep this short. But first, a review of the weekly goals....

Last week:
  • Get to Curves 3x - Done!
  • Finish Floral Swirls pillow - Done and pillowfied!
  • Straighten up (and cull) craft bookshelf - Um...no
  • Clean up entertainment center - Ditto...
    Well. .500. I got the important ones done, really - the rest is domestrivia that can wait.
    This week!
  • Get to Curves 3x
  • Clean computer room
  • Finish school website updates
    Hopefully I'll be able to manage these, especially considering I did some of the school website updates earlier this evening!
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