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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Enough already!

Guess what? There's YET ANOTHER hurricane heading for us. Joyous.

Jeanne should still be a minor hurricane when and if she hits here, and normally that'd be no big deal, but there is still a lot of debris from Frances, and folks who had substantial damage to their houses haven't had time for repairs yet.

And even folks with minor or no damage are still worn out by the stress of this storm season.

I know it's just a weather phenomenon, and that we're in an active tropical era and theoretically will be for the next 20 years, but there are times I have to wonder what happened in Florida to merit Divine Retribution.

Of course, that opens up wild speculation. I saw on Snopes that someone is trying to say that the recent hurricanes are a Sign From God as to how folks should vote, because the tracks hit only counties that voted for a particular candidate in the much-disputed 2000 Election. Even without seeing the whole Snopes breakdown, I could see that the storm tracks given in the speculation were rather inaccurate. Floridians may not be able to count their votes correctly, but we darn well know where the hurricanes were. Sad that someone is trying to spin the whole situation to their own ends.

Besides, I think if God were trying to drop a hint about the election, He could do so in a way that didn't need to require fudging data to make the point. Like running a hurricane ashore during Election Day, in a place likely to vote for the non-favored candidate. Hey, Election Day is still hurricane season....

Personally, I think hurricanes are a conspiracy by plywood manufacturers. Or the Georgia Department of Tourism (evacuations are probably big business!). Well, no, I don't really think those things, but they're as plausible as any other crackpot non-meteorological theory right now.

All I know is that I just want this season to be over. And that it's probably just as well that I haven't gotten that fence out of my yard yet!

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