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Friday, September 24, 2004

In the cross-hairs

Well, folks, it looks like we are indeed in Jeanne's sights - she's supposed to hit just south of us around 8am Sunday, at least according to the Friday 11am update. We're riding this one out - we are well-supplied, and we're within walking distance of the electric company dispatch facility and a power station, so we shouldn't be without power too long. It also helps that our power lines in our neighborhood are underground!

Four hurricanes in six weeks is a lot of stress. According to the local paper, the only other recorded time 4 hurricanes hit a state in a single season was Texas in 1886. Wow, aren't we lucky? One of my online friend suggested selling my downed fence on eBay - as a survivor of 4 hurricanes it's certainly a little piece of history! Granted, Charley missed wide north, and we only got the ghost of Ivan the Terrible earlier this week, but it did get Erin in 1995. So I guess it counts!

The worst part about the season is the helplessness many people feel. We can board up, evacuate, hunker down...but there's still nothing we can really do about the path of the hurricane itself, except to pray. DH wrote a Prayer of a Hurricane-watcher on his blog today...I am sometimes envious of his ability with words sometimes.

For those of you in cyberspace who aren't in Jeanne's path, prayers and good thoughts are most appreciated. And I'll see y'all on the other side of the storm!

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