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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Autumn has arrived...

..at least according to the calendar. Today, 22 September, is also the birthday of the hobbits Bilbo and Frodo, and the date of the Long-Expected Party.

The calendar may say it's autumn, but here there's no sign of it. Well, I take that back...a lot of trees around here have fallen or brown leaves, but Frances is more to blame for that.

Truth be told, I miss autumn. I miss the earthy smell of leaves, the acrid tinge of woodsmoke in the air, the nip of a breeze with promise of frost, the rustle of windblown leaves, the crunch of fallen acorns... And the colors - the vivid reds, oranges, yellows in the landscape.

Once the Autumn wind,
Cool, crisp, exhilarating
Played with my hair,
Scattered the rainbow
Of fallen leaves on the ground.

Once the smell of wood,
Burning in hearths,
or the scent of fresh-raked earth,
tickled my nose,
let me dream of autumn nights.

Once the cold majestic beauty
of ice, of snow
frosted the trees,
and blanketed the earth in shimmering white.

But here are no seasons,
only the heat and stifling air
and i long to go back to the wind.

I've been down here nearly 14 years. I wrote the above poem 11 years ago, and I still miss the change of seasons.

But enough of homesickness for now. Things have been a bit busy in a domestic sort of way and I didn't a chance to post this yesterday, so I will do so now.
The week in review
Since I publicly stated my goals for last week, I should at least give an update...

Monday Resolutions - 13 Sept 2004 - In Review
  • Get to Curves 3x this week - Done!
  • Finish updates to parish website Mostly done...
  • Help remove sections of fence from backyard Not quite. I did at least post on the local freecyclers board, and got a reply from someone who was interested, but the fence itself is still in my yard.

    I also was able to stitch for about 5 hours this weekend, and a deposit was made on storm shutters.

    Monday Resolutions - 20 Sept 2004
  • Get to Curves 3x this week (One down, two to go!)
  • Finish website updates
  • Get the fence out of the backyard

    Gee...they look suspiciously like last week's goals.... The more things change, the more they remain the same.

    At least around here.
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