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Monday, September 20, 2004

Got to admit it's getting better...

Today didn't exactly get off to a good start.

About midmorning, I wandered to the break room to top off my coffee, to discover that someone had left an empty pot on a live burner. So, I took the pot off the burner while I prepped another filter with grounds, hit the 'brew' button, then wandered off to make room for more coffee. I got back from that to discover...
...I'd forgotten to put the pot back under the filter!

Fortunately, I managed to get the mess cleaned up (and 2/3 a pot of coffee all over the counter makes *quite* the mess...), started a fresh pot with the pot in position, took the last of the spilled pot, and wandered back to my office.

A couple hours later, I got a call from the guy who will be installing our storm shutters - he would meet me at my house in 15 minutes so I could sign the paperwork and give him a deposit. I get to the parking lot and discover...
...my battery was dead.
Fortunately, I hitched a ride back to my house with an obliging coworker, got the ball rolling on storm shutters. But I couldn't reach DH to get a ride back to work (turns out he was in a meeting and couldn't respond to his pager or cell). I eventually got in touch with another coworker who brought me back to work. We jumpstarted my car, and I popped down to an auto parts store to get a new battery. I also got an extra set of jumper cables, since DsD had the only set in her trunk.

While I was on the way to the auto parts store, DH called me back...but my cell phone wouldn't respond to any of my button presses, so I couldn't answer him. I eventually had to take the battery out of my cell to get it to reset so I could call DH back.

In summary, my initial plan was to blog about how severe a case of Monday was afflicting me.

But DH kindly offered to pick up DD tonight so I could get to Curves - I took a raincheck for tomorrow because I had the aftercare payment check. I'll try to cash the favor tomorrow.

AND I got home to find not one, but two packages for me, the result of stitching BB trades. A wondering friend sent me a few packages of beads for an upcoming project, and a friend in a far corner sent me some wonderful UK dark chocolate (including some Thorntons dark chocolate gingers...yum!!). Incoming stash is always a mood-lifter.

AND if the Minnesota Vikings beat the spread against the Philadelphia Eagles tonight, I'll take first place in the office pool this week! Of course, if the Eagles win by 4 or more, I get zip, zilch, nada. Still, it should be a good game.

And I'll get a bit of stitching time :)

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