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Thursday, August 12, 2004

We can circle around like hurricanes...

It's August in Florida, and everyone here knows what that means....


Two tropical systems out there right now, though Bonnie just came ashore earlier today and is losing strength. No effect from her other than maybe a little rain.

Charley is another story. He's Category 2 as of this writing, and although he's going to make landfall on the western side of the state, we're likely to get some heavy wind and rain tomorrow evening. That's likely to play havoc with afternoon commutes. But then again, we get torrential rains on a regular basis, hurricane or no. The joys of living in the tropics.

We have been through a direct hit from a hurricane before, back in 1995. We got a lot of flooding in the streets and there were a lot of uprooted trees or windflung roof shingles, but other than our mailbox nearly being blown away and the street losing power for about 4 hours, our household was unscathed. Not bad for only being about 4 miles inland. Waiting it out did have its nervewracking moments, though.

All told, though, I'd certainly prefer hurricanes to tornadoes - at least with hurricanes you have fair warning.

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