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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Do the Humpday Hump...

Wednesday and my brain is a bit on the fried side, so I don't have a whole lot to write. Enough reason for a status blog.
On the home front
DD started back to school yesterday. She had a little bit of trouble detaching from me this morning, possibly through not getting to sleep until late. She did have a pretty good day at school overall and has an assigned seat next to her best friend. As for me, things have been sort of busy with back-to-school related activities, though I have found time to get to Curves twice so far this week (Go me!). Last week I made it 3x - I'd like to keep it up.
I'm on the last third of Guards of Haven by Simon R. Green, an omnibus of 3 short novels in the Hawk & Fisher series. Light but fun sword&sorcery - I've got one more book in the series to read, then I'll post a review.
I got to stitch maybe an hour on Amethyst Elegance late last week, but haven't since then. I plan on remedying that oversight tonight, once I'm done with this entry. And speaking of stitching...
Stitcher's QotW:What would your stitching confession be?
Oooh, bad stitching habits...I've a few. There are a few I've managed to abandon, like floss-licking and tying knots, but my big confession is that I'm a bit of a floss miser. I shouldn't be - DMC is pretty cheap - but I have a tendency to eke out as many stitches as I can out of a thread, even though the ends start to get a bit thin. Generally it only happens when I'm almost at the end of needing a color and don't want to thread another needle's-worth for one or two stitches. It is a bad habit, though, and I do need to break it.

My other bad stitching habit is that if I've miscounted a row, or missed a stitch, unless I catch it early enough that I don't have to frog a lot, I'll try to work around it. I hate frogging. Sometimes I'll substitute a nearby color (if it works) for a missed stitch (though this may play into floss-miserness).

So there you have it. I think over the past decade, especially since I've discovered the boards, my needlework technique has improved dramatically. But I'm still probably a far cry from being model-stitcher quality. That, and model stitchers need more time than I can really devote to it. Perhaps when I retire...

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