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Friday, August 27, 2004


This afternoon, I was given a leadership assignment at work. I'm a little nervous about it...well, maybe a lot nervous. I'm responsible for providing direction to two other folks. Fortunately I think I know what needs to be done, so hopefully I won't fall flat on my face...

It was a bit of a surprise, though. I certainly wasn't expecting anything like that to happen. I suppose it is a vote of confidence in me, though, and I should be pleased. Once I'm over being stunned.

Anyway, it's Friday, and time for the Friday Five - this one as seen on a friend's blog...

1] Do you enjoy it when others make a big deal out of your birthday? Why/why not? When you were growing up, did your family do a lot of birthday celebrating or keep things pretty low-key?

I like to be remembered, but I don't need a huge party or anything (and don't even think about surprise parties...). When I was growing up, birthday celebrations were low-key - just cake and ice cream with the family. I get a card from my parents on my birthday, and sometimes one from my sister, and that's fine.

2] What did you do for your last birthday, and how do you think you'll spend the next one?

After work, I went out to my favorite Irish pub with my family and had a good meal, and I had a couple of hard ciders and a dessert. I'd love to spend my next birthday the same way, but I've got half a year to wait for that!

3] What are some of the best birthday presents that you've ever received? Do you feel that you are a hard person to buy gifts for?

DH has gotten me some very cool items the past couple of years - he's had to travel near my birthday, and this year he gave me a beautiful blue cameo from Rome. Last year, he gave me a cuckoo clock he bought in Austria.

Am I hard to buy gifts for? In some ways I probably am - I'm not comfortable asking for large items, and for small items such books, CDs, and stash, I have a tendency to just go ahead and buy what I want. Though lately I've been trying to forego the instant gratification in favor of making wish lists. That way when I'm asked for gift suggestions I can give something more helpful than "I have no clue!".

4] Where were you born, and what time of day? Do you know what the weather was like then? When you look at your baby pictures, what thoughts come to mind?

I was born in western Virginia a little before 8pm. I don't know what the weather was like, though I imagine it was cold and probably snowy. It was certainly dark.

When I look at my baby pictures, I note how much DD resembles me at that age.

5] How do you typically keep track of special events such as birthdays? Is there one month in particular where you have a *lot* of birthdays to celebrate?

I keep track of major events, and I have notes as to friends' birthdays. September seems to be chock full of friend birthdays - 10 of them, including my SIL. Familywise, December is pretty packed - my anniversary, DH's birthday, and Christmas are all within about a week.

No birthdays in our household until then, which is just as well. Plenty of more mundane things to handle in the interim!

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