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Monday, May 17, 2004

Just another manic Monday..

Somehow it doesn't seem as though I had much of a weekend. Or at least not much rest. On the whole it was good, just not very restful.

Saturday was DD's birthday party, which was a lot of fun. She got to party with 15 of her friends, and she got a fair number of presents. She's already gotten thank-you notes out, too. Several of her gifts were Polly Pocket sets. Now, I was never much for dressing up dolls as a kid, but these seem fairly cool. Or at least they provide the dress-up capability of a Barbie without all the insidious....Barbie-ness. (Okay, I freely admit it. I HATE Barbies. I could expound at length on why, but I think I'll leave that rant for another time maybe.)

Saturday evening was gaming, and then Sunday was Mass, lunch, and then I had to do some grocery and trip-preparation shopping. Tried all over town looking for security wallet type things (like the little pouches you wear around your neck under your clothes), to no avail. Eventually ordered a couple online with rush delivery. They've shipped, so they *should* arrive in time.

Speaking of trips, in about 89 hours I will be on a plane bound for Europe. I am looking forward to taking it easy, enjoying good sightseeing, good food, good wine, and good company. And we desperately need this trip, especially after the hell that has been the past two weeks. (My hope is that I've burned off some of my sentence in Purgatory with all that's gone on!)

Now I just need the Lightning to finish off the Flyers, because I'd miss any Game 7s!

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