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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

40 hours and counting...

Gee, can you tell I'm getting excited about this trip?

I went today and acquired a few new pieces of luggage and various other items for the trip. Much of our old luggage is...well...old, and I've discovered I really like the 'add-a-bag' straps that let you piggyback bags. Very helpful when having to manipulate multiple suitcases! Tomorrow night will be laundry and packing, and there will doubtless be a few other items to be handled as well. Already have the hold-mail in place, but I need to stop the paper. Typical vacation planning!

I took DD to get her hair trimmed, and reluctantly bit the bullet and had my own trimmed as well. I really don't like getting my hair cut, because I've been trying much of my life to grow it very long, but the ends were very damaged. I'm coming to the conclusion that my hair probably isn't even *able* to grow to the length I want it (just short enough that I'm not constantly sitting on it), so I clenched my teeth and submitted to a sorely-needed trim. I probably lost 3 inches in most places, and I do admit it looks a lot neater than it did. The one main feature of my hair that people comment on, natural curliness, is the same feature that is preventing it from getting superlong. So it's a mixed blessing. DH has commented that by just letting my hair dry naturally, it tends to achieve the windblown ringlety look that people try to mimic. So I really should be happy with that.

I'm not sure why I'm so hung up on getting my hair very long. It's part of my mental self-image, but I don't have a good reason for it otherwise. I'm too broad-shouldered (and it's too curly) for short hair styles to work for me, but I'm just not happy with it being only mid-back. *shrug* After all, I'm not Mnemosyne, and my memory isn't getting any *worse* for having shorter hair (it does that all on its own!). So why does my mental/idealized image of myself have hip-length hair? Who knows.

I'm also a bit heavy for my idealized self, but I think many women could say that! I do have the pale skin and fiery hair, and I was a lot thinner once upon a time. Anyway, that's what the alter-ego-Belinda looks like.

How about your alter ego?

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