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Friday, May 07, 2004

And then there were four...

So after yesterday's incident, my stepson has decided to go live with his mom, rather than apologize to his sister or seek professional help for his anger. He has basically said he doesn't care about anyone or anything, and doesn't think that will change living with his mom but at least it'd be a change. In some ways, this is probably for the best for all concerned. Hopefully the change will be enough of a rude awakening for him that he'll straighten out. He needs it. I hope his mom makes him get professional help. After he moves, him getting help will be a condition of him returning to our house if he ever desires to do so.

I'm just very numb right now. I cried last night over the whole situation - why is he wanting to basically cut himself out of the family, how did things get this way, how did we not see it, what did we do wrong? Now, the logical side of my mind is taking over, considering the logistics involved in getting him moved and dealing with details such as cancelling his cell phone and such. If he's wanting to cut himself out, we're going to make it as clean a cut as possible.

I hate this whole situation. I feel ill and numb and just want everything to go away. And I must shamefully admit I'm starting to count the days until he's gone as well.

I wish him well, I really do. I love him, and I hope he turns out okay, and that he eventually gets his head on straight. But at this point, I also realize I'm not part of that solution. And I think that's the deepest cut of all.

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