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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

A stitch in time..

Since most of you reading this are fellow stitchers, it seems only appropriate that I devote some time to my stitching. For those of you reading this who don't stitch, this entry may not be of much interest. Needlework is something I do to try to stay sane - it gives my hands something to do, it relaxes me, and I enjoy watching something take shape from my efforts.

I enjoy various needlework techniques, primarily of the counted-thread variety - cross-stitch, blackwork, and hardanger among others. I'm not as good at free embroidery as I'd like, but I do try.

A word about my stitching
I'm a rotation stitcher, which for the uninitiated means I "rotate" through the pieces I'm working on so they all get time. Very helpful for finishing pieces that would otherwise languish in oblivion. Besides, it's sometimes a nice change of pace to change pieces. In general, I swap pieces roughly every 10 hours of stitching time.

Anyway, my rotation is slightly different from most - since I enjoy a variety of techniques, I have dedicated slots for technique, as well as a "BAP" (Big A-- Piece) that alternates between the other pieces. So my rotation looks like:

Medium-sized Cross-stitch
Small Cross-stitch
Drawn thread/Hardanger/other counted-thread

Works in Progress
Last Supper - Leisure Arts
This is my current Religious piece, and the piece currently on my Elan lap stand. I'm working it on cream 28-ct Lugana, and I'm about 25 hours into it.

The Fortunate Traveler - Teresa Wentzler
This is my current BAP. I'm working it on 32-ct TBN "Parchment" Lugana, and I'm about 50 hours into it.

Floral Swirls - Candamar Designs
This is my current Embroidery piece. I started this long before I started rotating...right before 9-11 IIRC, so I don't know how many hours I've put on it. It's probably a slot or two from being finished. I'm not particularly thrilled about this piece, probably because my embroidery skills are somewhat lacking....

On Deck
These are projects I plan to start when the appropriate slot opens up:
Embroidery Jacobean Rose (goldwork) - Needle Needs
Blackwork Celtic Cross - Wessex Collection
Medium - TBD
Small Celtic Challenge - Sweetheart Tree
Other Amethyst Elegance - Paw Printings

Well, that's the state of my stitching at present! I try to keep fairly up-to-date progress pics and finished pieces in my Picturetrail album.

So, I have a grand plan. All I need is time!

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