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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I'm in a groove, or is it a rut?

*sigh* So Georgia Tech lost last night. Final was much closer than the game actually was - they just did not play well. As someone here at work put it, "It was a close game right up til the tip-off". I turned off the TV when Tech was down by 25, and went to bed. I'm still not caught up on sleep. Probably won't be until next weekend, unfortunately - this week looks to be very busy.
I used to be interesting once, you know. I used to daydream, write poetry or stories. I have the beginnings of a virtual castle online. I have ideas, but haven't had time or motivation to sit down and write them. It, like so many other things, is on my list of 'someday's. I've become...*gasp*...boring.

Maybe I should start checking out the Friday Five. Something to get me thinking about something above and beyond the day-to-day administrivia that occupies the mind of many a working mom, either outside-the-home or stay-at-home.

Stay-at-home moms....God bless 'em. They work harder than any of us. Sometimes I think I do less work at my place of employment as a software engineer than I do managing my household. It certainly seems less stressful much of the time, even though I'm more productive.

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