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Monday, April 05, 2004

The best-laid plans....

Well, I didn't get to stitch this weekend like I'd hoped. Didn't get to read much either. It wasn't quite the Weekend From Hell, but it did a rather uncanny impression thereof.

For starters....Thursday night DH and I go to get our plane tickets for our trip to Europe next month. He's got 240K frequent-flyer miles, and is Gold Medallion. Our grand plan was to buy a single ticket (so he can continue to accrue miles), and cash in miles for the other 4. Unfortunately I think we hit a blackout date or something - we couldn't cash in miles for free tickets...or for business-class upgrades. So we had to buy 5 tickets at $1600 each. And we couldn't sit all 5 of us together on the transcontinental flight. Only two seats together were on an exit row. DD is almost 5 - she can't sit by herself, or in an exit row, so we wanted to try to reseat once seats opened up. So Saturday we went online to see about reseating....and the itinerary was just GONE. The airline had cancelled it on us. Supposedly they thought we wanted 24 hours to cancel, and when we didn't call them back (since we didn't know we were supposed to), they cancelled it. Panic mode. We called the airline back, and reordered the tickets. Couldn't get the same flight back as before because the seats had sold out, so we'll be coming back a day later. Though the good news is that the tickets were $160 each cheaper, and we'll be there an extra day. Turning out to be a pricier trip than we were expecting, so I certainly hope it's worth it. Though I think it will be :)

On to the minor gripe. Last week was my stepkids' spring break. I gave them the opportunity to do some additional housework (beyond their normal chores) for some extra cash. Unfortunately, neither of them took me up on it, and my inlaws are coming into town Thursday. Tonight and tomorrow I have things I need to do, so I have this sick feeling that I'm going to end up doing it all myself Wednesday night. I am not happy about that idea.

Though the weekend was not a total loss. Georgia Tech beat Oklahoma St to advance to the NCAA Finals... GO JACKETS! . The big game is tonight. Hopefully I'll be able to get a chance to watch it, and get away from housework for a bit. Maybe even stitch!

And we have a new appliance - we got a 30-bottle wine refrigerator. It's already full, and half the bottles are port! :)

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