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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Honor thy father and mother

I managed to stitch for half an hour last night, and even accomplished the housecleaning I had planned. I feel significantly less stressed just by stitching that half hour.

I also got a box of stash from my mom! A book of patterns, a couple of quickie kits, and some DMC. I'll probably keep the kits for teaching DD to stitch, but surprise stash is always cool. I called her up to thank her, and while we were talking about stitching, she asked "Is aida always so stiff?".

I just laughed, and she admitted she'd just finished a piece on linen. She'll never go back now! *evil laugh*

My mom taught me to stitch many years ago - I started a crewel piece when I was about 6 (I remember because we moved from an apartment to a house while I was working on it) - it was a country-style piece in 70s colors. We've both been streaky with needlework over time, though she's been pretty consistent with crochet. She's definitely SABLE with yarn, even more so than I am with stash! I crochet too, though over the past decade or two I've only been picking up my hook to turn out an afghan for a gift when needed. Anyway, when we were both in cross-stitch mode, we used nothing but aida. We didn't know any better. I started on evenweaves in 1995, and I've found it impossible since then to work on aida. Too stiff! Obviously my mom is heading down the same path....like daughter, like mother?

Though the conversation with my parents did leave me feeling a little stupid - my dad's birthday was this past weekend....and I forgot! I am so embarrassed, although my dad didn't find it a big deal.

I get along pretty well with my folks, certainly far better than I did when I lived at home. Maybe part of that has to do with being able to see their side of things now that I'm a parent. Especially in dealing with teenagers!

Amazing how much my folks have learned in the past decade or so! ;)

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