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Monday, September 03, 2018

Monday miscellany - 3Sept2018

Well, apparently I did indeed jinx us last week - there are now two active tropical storms and another wave that's being watched out in the Atlantic. Fortunately none of them are a threat to us for the coming week, but it's a sudden spike of activity after a long period of quiet.

What I've been reading... Not a lot of reading this week, but I am up to 11% in _Kill the Farm Boy_.

What I've been crafting... I finished the bottom of my round-robin and have picked up Violet Mandala again. There's a lot of over-1 right now, which I am hoping to finish this month.

Fumbling toward fitness The good: I made it by Curves all 5 weekdays again, and my Duolingo and Lumosity streaks are still going strong. The bad: I'm still hit-or-miss on treadmilling, although I did do 4 times this week so that's an improvement over last week.

One Little Victory DD's dog loves the little blanket I made for him, and DD likes the canvaswork piece I sent. It makes me happy that they appreciated my gifts.
Also, college football has started! Both UCF and Georgia Tech won their games handily this past weekend, so that's a good start.

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