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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

There's a snake in my blog!

Well, two of them, actually. I saw these fellows hanging around outside my garage door when I got home. I *think* they're black racers, which are very common around here (if you know different, let me know?) I see these once in a while, usually around my garage, and more often than not, somewhat the worse for wear from either the garage door or the car.

I saw a small one of these by the garage when I got home yesterday. DD tried to feed it cheese, but it wasn't interested. DD was certainly not afraid of them - she thought this pair was cute and that they were hugging.

I shooed them off into the landscaping, so they don't get run over when DH gets home.

These are probably the most common kind of snake we see around here, but not the only ones. I've seen king snakes in the yard, and I've heard there are a number of other species - most of which are, fortunately, non-venomous.

I don't know what this species eat, but if they'll eat palmetto bugs they can hang out here all they want!

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