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Saturday, April 30, 2005

"Ist Ihre Tochter achtzehn?"

This weekend is DsD's 18th birthday. Dear Lord, I'm the stepmother of an adult now...it's both exciting and a little bit scary. Mostly it makes me feel old. (eh, sonny?)

Over the past 15 years I've seen her grow from a preschooler to an intelligent, self-assured young woman, who I am proud to have had the honor to parent. Sure, there have been some rough bits along the way, especially in her early teens, but looking back it's a small price to pay for what she has become.

And now she's legally an adult. Old enough to vote, although not old enough to drink (in the US, anyway). She's already been accepted to one college, and has applied to another, and scholarship prospects are looking good.

I look forward to seeing what her future holds.

Happy Birthday, DsD!!

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