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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Battles of Britain

Where does the time go? It's been nearly a week since I've blogged! I'm not feeling overly inspired, so I'll have to go with another data dump. The travelblog is on my To-Do List for the week, though, so watch for more entertaining posts.

But without further ado - this week's edition of What I Did Over The Weekend.

Friday was an off-work Friday, and DH and I went appliance shopping. We're getting a new refrigerator - one of those side-by-sides with filtered ice and water in the door. Huzzah! No more funny tasting ice! Once the fridge is delivered and installed, that is! We're also getting a new dishwasher, since our old one has been in the throes of Degenerative Appliance Disease (caused by the virus Warrantiae expiredus).
Friday night I worked on getting our parish bulletin up on the church website. This is my first 'official' week as parish webmistress, and as with any transition of power there was a bit of adjustment involved. I did at least get the website updated on Friday - at around 10:30pm. I have this week's bulletin in hand already, so things should go much more smoothly!

Saturday, DsS came over. We were all pleased to see him, especially DD. We were amazed that he actually decided to get his hair cut and donated to Locks of Love (turned out to be 16" worth!), and seeing the before-and-after was rather dramatic. Basically, imagine going from Grima Wormtongue to Matt Damon. And he's been doing rather well and was rather upbeat. I confess I never gave a whole lot of thought to how serious BPD can be, and that it's not just 'all in your head' - the meds and counseling are working wonders. Very positive changes.
Anyway, while DsS was over, we played Kingmaker, a Wars of the Roses strategy game, and a family favorite. (I first played Kingmaker with DH and family friend M about a week after we married, and it's spurred an interest in that period of history.) We played a short-game variant, and I actually won. Barely. DD did pretty well also.

Sunday DH, gaming buddy J, and I played Britannia, another strategic board game involving Britain. This one is more of a big-picture look - each game turn covers about 50 years or so, and each player plays multiple tribes involved in the history of Britain. Tribes come and go over time. I thought from hearing DH read over the rules that it was going to be long and tedious, but it was actually relatively quick to play, and rather fun! It was neat to see peoples come and go as time and fortunes changed. We did the short-game version this time, but I'd be up for the full version sometime.

I've started crocheting again - it's something I can work on in situations where it's not really feasible to work on my stitching. I've started in on the rather popular 63 Squares Afghan crochet-along, after seeing several of my online friends working on it, and a bunch of other folks are joining me. I'm only about 4 squares in, so it'll take me a while. I'll still be giving priority to Last Supper whenever feasible.

Time is, as always, the determining factor in so many things....

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