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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Windows into my world

Two months after the end of hurricane season, and I've finally gotten around to putting everything back up on my office walls. And there was much rejoicing...

I'm fortunate enough to have an office to myself, albeit a small one. No windows - I'm not that lucky, but it is an 8'x10' space I can claim as my own. And as such, its walls have become a reflection of my thoughts, desires, and experiences.

Looking around, I currently have 43 postcards tacked up, the majority of them from trips I've taken to England, Scotland and Wales (postcards make cheap souvenirs!). They're clustered under a row of tea towels: two with Celtic designs, one with the lineage of the British royal family, and one with Welsh castles. All the Welsh castle postcards are, of course, clustered under that one. I also have a group of postcards from my recent Italy trip, and a group of American and Canadian postcards on a separate wall.

One wall holds two posters: "Unix Magic" and "Unix Feuds", featuring a wizard and various other pictures. They are two of a trilogy put out in the late 80s/early 90s by Unitech for trade shows. The third, "Unix Views", I've only seen twice, and would *love* to get to complete the set. (I saw it once on eBay, and bid, but not quite high enough.) The "Unix Magic" poster is the oldest acquisition on my walls, having followed me through every computer-related job I've ever had. I was a Unix system admin in a past "life" - rewarding in some ways, but a job with very little respect in most circles. A large fractal poster, my second-oldest acquisition, is tacked up by my whiteboard. I've had many posters, mostly of scenery, adorn my offices through the years, but these are the ones that remained.

I also have a box of various desk toys and figurines, many of which are dragons or trinkets from various business trips. Those are still in a box, having been put away during hurricane preparations. And like any horizontal space, the shelf that holds them has since been put to other purposes. The stuffed Buzz (the Georgia Tech mascot) and Cloud Aisha (a Neopets Happy Meal toy) are back on my monitor now, at least.

And then are the normal office decorations - photos of DH and the kids, my diploma, a service award, a wall calendar. Such are the windows into my world.

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