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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The storm before the calm...

The few days before one goes on vacation are hectic enough to make one need the vacation...

The girls and I leave for Germany in a couple days to join up with DH, and we've got packing, laundry, and various and sundry domestic details to handle. And that's not counting trying to get caught up at work! It always seems like the busiest day before one is out of the office is the day before one leaves.

But at least this vacation should be pretty relaxing. Plenty of good food, and beer (for DH and I anyway), some minor sightseeing. DD is very much looking forward to seeing snow. I'm looking forward to this trip, too. I've never been to Germany before.

So I had a long weekend, courtesy of a 6:30am call from a nun on Friday morning...
Overnight, a water pipe had burst in DD's school, flooding the second floor and parts of the first. So school was closed Friday and Monday, and with DH leaving town my weekend got extended to 3.5 days.
One might *think* I had time to get in plenty of stitching, reading, or other leisure activities, but 'twas not to be. I spent most of yesterday cleaning out DD's room in between processing Mommy interrupts. But at least now her room is clean except for vacuuming.

Tomorrow is packing day, once I get home from work. Never a dull moment.

Well, never a non-busy moment.

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