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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Spiderman's mother-in-law?

Yesterday evening, my 5-year-old gave me some surprising news...

When she grows up, she's going to marry Spiderman.

Obviously this came as a surprise to me. Not only have they not been dating (DD being rather a bit young for that), I wasn't even aware that she really even knew much about him. She hasn't seen the movie (nor have I, for that matter). Now, there are pictures of Spiderman on her Lunchables, and no doubt the boys in her class talk about Spiderman. And talking with DH this morning, apparently her crush on Spiderman is nothing new - her favorite song right now is Weird Al's "Ode to a Superhero", and she seems to know a fair bit about him.

She could certainly do worse for a mate. After all, Spiderman is intelligent, modest, altruistic, and hates injustice. And as DH points out, Spiderman does have a thing for redheads.

And there could be certain advantages to having a web-slinging son-in-law. Cleaning the gutters comes to mind.

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