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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Just some updates

Reading update: Finished Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy a couple nights ago. It was a good series, and it was well-written, but the ending seemed to be missing something. I wouldn't say it was anticlimactic, more that the ending wasn't as well developed as it could have been. That, and there was some bashing of organized religion that started to get to me. Now, he wasn't quite as heavy-handed about it as Sara Douglass' Wayfarer trilogy was, but I confess I am a bit more sensitive about that than I used to be.

I'm also rather sensitive about authors who go into detail about something horrible happening to a young child, especially when the event has no bearing at all on the plot. Maggie Furey comes to mind here. I enjoyed her Aurian series, but there was a scene in one of the books (Dhiammara, I think) that just completely turned me off to her. But that's just me.

Stitching update: Last night I finished 40 hours on Last Supper, and am about to pick up Fortunate Traveler again. I'm also toying with the idea of doing an Assisi sampler I have instead of Amethyst Elegance for my next 'technique/style' piece. Since I need to start one after this round of Traveler anyway.

I'm several Stitcher's Fives behind right now, so it's probably time I did one!

Stitcher's Five - Others and Stitching (6/14/04)

1. Is your DH/partner supportive of your stitching?

He most certainly is, for which I'm very grateful! He knows it's one of my major hobbies, and even bought me an Elan lap stand for Christmas two years ago. I hadn't stitched in several years at the time we got married, so his appreciation and support has grown as my involvement (addiction?) has grown.

Actually, I had a pleasant surprise while we were in Assisi. I was eyeing some of the pieces in the shops, and he started talking to one of our travel companions about my stitching. He not only knew what I was working on, but how long I'd been working on it and how far along I was, and it gave him a perspective on how long some of the store pieces must have taken. I hadn't realized he had paid that much attention.

2. Do you ever stitch in company?

I often stitch in the presence of others, especially when visiting relatives. That's not to say I always have my stitching out when people visit, but I do sometimes.

As for stitching with other stitchers, very rarely. DsD never really got into it, and DD is still a bit young though sometimes she's tried to sit next to me and stitch. Or as she calls it, 'needling'.

3. Been to a GTG (Get ToGether)?

Not yet, unfortunately. There are no fellow stitchers I know within a reasonable driving distance, given my current time constraints. I'd like to go to one someday.

4. Does anyone complain about your stitching?

Other than DD when she's wanting my attention ("MO-om! Stop needling!"), not usually. Growing up I'd occasionally get a few complaints that I was off stitching (or more often, reading) instead of "being sociable", but that probably doesn't really count. I've also gotten a couple of negative comments in the past about subject matter ("Don't you stitch anything other than dragons??"), but on the whole those around me tend to be fine with it.

5. Ever had a stranger comment on your stitching?

On the rare occasions I'm stitching in public, quite often. The summer before college, I worked in downtown DC and took the Metro every weekday. I did a few small pieces for a neighbor's baby afghan, and I often got comments on what I was doing. I also gave a hardanger pattern once to my dentist's receptionist when I was done with it, because she was interested in it while I was working on it.

On the flip side, I often comment/compliment other stitchers I happen to encounter.

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