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Monday, May 28, 2018

Monday miscellany - 28May2018

After working on it off and on for over 6 years, I have finally finished the MarBek Nativity! I finished the camel Saturday night. I stopped tracking hours on my large projects once I came to the realization that the tracking was impacting my stitching, so I don't have a good estimate, but 750 hours is probably a reasonable guess. Anyway, I'm glad to have finally completed and I'm very happy with the final result. Pics are up on my Facebook page, but better ones may come later here.

What I've been reading... I haven't read much, but I did have a short visit with Father Brown, reaching page 570 of 761.

What I've been stitching... Now that Nativity is finished, I've started Ink Circles "Dark Shards", which is working up fairly quickly.

Fumbling toward fitness... The fumbling continues. My Lumosity and Duolingo streaks continue on, and I did make it by Curves 4 times last week, but I'm still very spotty with the treadmill. I have already done so today, at least, so hopefully I can keep it up the rest of the week.

One Little Victory Besides the obvious rejoicing at completing Nativity, we saw our daughter for lunch Saturday. It was good to visit with her and her boyfriend, and we're happy that she's doing well in her summer term so far.

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