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Monday, January 15, 2018

Monday miscellany - 15Jan18

The NFL playoffs have been quite a wild ride this past weekend. I'm pleased that Jacksonville advanced, and the ending of the Vikings-Saints game was quite a stunner. There are no teams I dislike that are still alive in the playoffs, so I'll be happy whatever the ultimate outcome is. Although it would be kinda cool for Jacksonville to go to the Super Bowl because they've never been. Or the Vikings to win it all since they're hosting, since that hasn't happened before either. In any case, the conference championship games should be exciting.

But on to my weekly updates...

What I've been reading... I haven't read much this past week, and so am only on page 839 of _Oathbringer_. I'm starting to get back into the treadmill habit, so that should help with my reading as well.

What I've been crafting... I finished the boy on the Shepherd Boy panel of the MarBek Nativity, and have put him aside until Lent. There's a tree and some ground remaining. This week I'll be picking up Chatelaine's "Violet Mandala", which has been put aside since last March, and I'll be focusing on that for a few weeks. I also prepped Ink Circles "Dark Shards" as a small piece to start for when I need a break from Violet.

Fumbling toward fitness... So far the new year is off to a decent start. I made it to Curves 3 times last week, and treadmilled 5 times. I need to get back up to daily, and for longer stretches - at one point I was close to half an hour daily but I am far from that now.
Including mental fitness in this section now, I did Lumosity and Duolingo every day last week.

One Little Victory DH and I bought tickets to see Alice Cooper in concert in a couple months, and we're looking forward to it. There are several other artists we'd like to see (or see again) in concert sometime, but those will have to go on the bucket list. (Hm...I see that Ozzy will be in Florida in late April. Might have to investigate that....)

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