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Monday, December 26, 2016

Monday miscellany - 26Dec16

Another Christmas come and gone. We had a nice drama-free gathering with the kids, including both grandsons. Good food and no drama. DD decorated the tree and the main area of the house, which is the first time in several years that it has been.

What I've been reading... I'm on page 428 of 672 in Arcanum Unbounded - not much reading this week because of holiday events.

What I've been crafting... I'm not quite done with the angel on the magi panel of Nativity, but I should finish it in the next day or two. I've not crocheted much at all, only a few minutes during football.

Fumbling toward fitness... I did make it by Curves thrice again last week. I wasn't quite as productive on the treadmill, only 115 minutes for 5.75 miles. Again, because of the busy week.

One Little Victory DH and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this past week. Not sure why he continues to put up with me, but I am glad that he does.

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