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Friday, March 20, 2015

Tempest fugit...

Have I really failed to blog since the beginning of the year?? Apparently so...

Things have been somewhat crazy here, first with a series of colds sweeping the household. Both DH and I were sick without fully recovering for six weeks or so, which can put quite a damper on getting much accomplished. Then I had a job change, and DD has decided she needs to increase her driving practice. We still haven't unpacked everything from the grand reflooring of December.

Needless to say, I haven't done much in the way of goals accomplishment. I have been stitching some, but had to restart Ink Circles "Metamorphosis" when I discovered that I'd mis-centered the piece and wouldn't be able to fit it all. The restart is going well, and I'm nearly half done again.

I've made almost no progress on Nativity at all. So really, my lack of WIPocalypse updates hasn't missed much. Hopefully I'll be able to jump back into it with the next update on 4 April.

I have been reading, a little. I managed to score an autographed copy of Neil Gaiman's latest book, Trigger Warning, though I've been actually reading it on Kindle. I'm enjoying it so far, when I've taken the time to read.

Ah, time flies when you have too much to do....

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