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Monday, October 13, 2014

WIPocalypse redux - October update


Belated again...the WIPocalypse of the procrastinators strikes again. I can blame the kitchen remodel, or the head cold that ambushed me last week, or any number of things, but I'm still late. Ah well. I missed the lunar eclipse last week, but not due to procrastination - it was too cloudy here for me to see, alas. But I digress.

Topic of the month: Are you a Halloween or Christmas stitcher?
I do tend to stitch seasonally, but I've only ever done one Halloween thing (I designed a little customizable Jack-o-lantern a few years back). Nothing against Halloween - I enjoy it, and there are some wonderful Halloween designs, but there's only one of me and I don't have oodles of stitching time.

I do try to design a Christmas ornament every year, and I have stitched on something Christmas or winter probably the past 8 years or so. I don't usually start my Christmas stitching until Advent, though, which starts 30 November this year. So, expect the next part of Nativity to begin then.

I have another finish this month!!

Project: Stars for a New Millennium
Designer: Tony Minieri
Fabric: 18ct pewter mono canvas
Total hours to date: not tracked
Progress since last update: DONE as of 25 September!
Notes: It's done! I mostly enjoyed stitching this, and I love how it turned out, but whatever canvaswork I do next will be a bit less complex.

Stars for a New Millennium, finished
(Click for larger image)

Project: Around the World in 80 Stitches
Designer: Papillon Creations
Fabric: 32ct cream Lugana
Total hours to date: not counting
Progress since last update: Finished part 6
Notes: All of the parts are finally out, so this will be my next focus piece. It may not see much attention during October, though

80 Stitches, through part 6
(Click for larger image)

Project: Fantasy Triptych
Designer: Teresa Wentzler
Fabric: 32ct Lugana - Silkweaver "Blue Dynasty"
Total hours to date: 30
Progress since last update: Started on the maiden panel, but only 2 hours so far.
Notes: It's October, the time when many of my fellow stitchers work on Teresa's designs (not sure how that got started, but I join in TWOctober), so this will be my focus this month. Having gotten sick, though, has limited my energy and motivation for working a piece of this complexity. Lethargy and confetti stitching don't mix well. I'd like to complete the unicorn by the end of the month, at least - I doubt finishing the entire panel is anywhere close to a realistic goal.

Fantasy Triptych
(Click for larger image)

And a new start!

Project: Metamorphosis
Designer: Ink Circles
Fabric: 36ct Birds of a Feather "Barn Owl" linen
Total hours to date: not tracked
Progress since last update: New start!
Notes: This is my gaming and waiting project. I've done much of this while waiting to pick my daughter up from school in the afternoon - a few stitches here and there add up quickly.

(Click for larger image)

In non-stitching news, my kitchen remodel is just about finished, so I get to spend tonight starting to repopulate all the cabinets. But it's also Monday and football season, so there may be stitching. Not that I care about the 49ers or Rams, but any excuse to take a load off and stitch....

My current 101 List expires in a couple weeks, so I need to get to work on a new one.

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Suz said...

Beautiful work, Belinda! Stars is AMAZING, and I love that Papillon piece, too!