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Thursday, July 04, 2013

PostWIPocalyptica - June update

This month's WIPocalypse update is late, even for me. It's closer to the new moon than the full, and it's not even June anymore. What happened?

Vacation happened, primarily. We went to the UK for two weeks and had a wonderful time. I'll post the travelog later - unlike previous trips I didn't write it as I go. So that might be a while in the works.

Other news is that I have another grandson now, born at the end of June.

But back to my stitching update. There really wasn't much progress this month, only a mere 21 hours on Nativity, for a total of 230:
Marbek Nativity at 230 hours
(Click for larger image)

At this point, even 250 hours for this panel may be an underestimation. The star itself is done, but the side rays need to be done, and the whole upper halves of the angels as well. I'm kind of kicking myself for being so off the mark on this, but it is what it is.

I did no other stitching this month. I kitted up Ink Circles' clef series ("Here Comes Treble", "Alto Gether Now", and "First Bass") to work on while overseas, but never started it.

I am really hoping to finish Nativity this month.

In non-stitching achievements, I'm up to 412 consecutive walking days. I can't really say 'treadmill' anymore, because there wasn't one for miles around when I was in the UK. However, I did walk every day - a total of 25 miles over that two weeks, much of that on hills or uneven ground. Definitely a great calf workout. It's been solely treadmill since I returned, although I had a bit of a worry a couple days ago when it had a belt slowness issue. Fortunately I was able to adjust it and all is fine again.

Hopefully July's update will actually happen in July, and that I'll have a finish to show off!

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