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Monday, January 28, 2013

PostWIPocalyptica - January update

Hard to believe we're almost a full month into 2013 already! Incredibly, it's also time for the first 2013 WIPocalypse update - the lunar updates have been a great stitching incentive for me, so I'm going to continue that this year.

First up is Marbek Nativity. I'm up to 134 hours now, and it's been set aside until Lent (which is only 2 more weeks away).
Marbek Nativity at 134 hours
(Click for larger image)

I did finish the wise man as planned, and he certainly glitters like his golden gift. I've also done a little bit of the steps. By next update, there should be the rest of the steps and another sheep, to finish off the bottom half of this panel.

Once I set Nativity aside, I did the next star on Stars for a New Millenium: Stars for a New Millenium - 3 stars
(Click for larger image)

This latest star, on the right, is my favorite so far. I still feel pretty confident in my color choices.

And about that scarf: Doctor Who Season 12 scarves
(Click for larger image)

I finished the knit one. There is a picture of me wearing it, if you really want to see. And just for comparison, or for grins, I started a crochet one over the weekend, and am nearly finished with it already.

Full credit for the scarves goes to Tara at WittyLittleKnitter.com for the pattern, of course.

There are three projects in progress that have no updates this month:
  • Chatelaine "Convent Herbal Garden" (at 95 hours)
  • Papillon Creations "Around the World in 80 Stitches (untimed)
  • Teresa Wentzler "Fantasy Triptych" (at 8 hours)
There will be updates throughout the year on these, just none today. During 2013, I hope to complete Convent Herbal Garden, as well as the current Nativity panel. Around the World will certainly not be complete, since it's being released in monthly installments over two years, and I doubt Fantasy Triptych will be finished either. But we'll see what I can accomplish.

Today will be my 256th consecutive treadmill day, and I hope to continue that streak as well.

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Karoline said...

Great progress on your wips,

It always throws me when the liturgical calendar goes straight from wrapping up Christmas to Lent