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Friday, December 28, 2012

WIPocalypse now - December update

The world did not end on the 21st. Good thing, too - I have a lot of stitching and other things I still want to do!

What will be coming to an end is WIPocalypse 2012. I've quite enjoyed having a reason to blog at least monthly. Fortunately, there will be a WIPocalypse 2013, and I've already signed up for that.

The main thing I worked on this month was Marbek Nativity. I'm up to 110 hours.
Marbek Nativity at 110 hours
(Click for larger image)

19 hours doesn't seem like much, given that I'm on vacation, but it's been a crazy month. I did get the animals done and started the wise man. I do want to be completely done with the wiseman and steps before I put this away mid-January, but we'll see.

I also did an ornament for an exchange, as I mentioned last post. This is the star from Teresa Wentzler's "Touch of Holly": TW Touch of Holly - star

Somehow I don't have a scan of it after I finished it as an ornament...sorry!

Speaking of ornaments, I designed this year's ornament from Tor Rhuann Designs, "Holly and Ivy": TRD Holly and Ivy
(Want the PDF?)

I also designed some fillers for a bellpull variant of the Holly and Ivy ornaments, but I haven't stitched it yet myself.

It's Bowl Week (though it seems like Bowl Month!), which means much watching of televised football. Since I'm distraction-prone during football games, and therefore timing Nativity would prove inaccurate, I started a knitting project: Doctor Who Season 12 scarf

If you recognize it as the Fourth Doctor's scarf, full credit goes to Tara at WittyLittleKnitter.com for the pattern. This is the Season 12 variant.

My knitting skills are so remedial that I had to search youtube videos to refresh my memory on how to cast on, but this is coming along more quickly than I thought. I may do another one someday, and I definitely plan to crochet a version for comparison as well.

Today will be my 225th consecutive treadmill day, and I've lost 20 pounds since last Christmas. (I have probably regained some of that the past week or so, but we won't talk about that....).

All in all, WIPocalypse 2012 turned out well. I hope 2013 does even better.


Nicole said...

Great job Belinda! The wipocalypse has gotten me into the habit of blogging more frequently, and I will continue on improving that... Beautiful stitching as always!

Beth - ;) said...

I love that scarf Belinda, even though I know absolutely nothing about Dr. Who and certainly did not know that he has a different one each season.

And I like Touch of Holly as well. :)

Happy New Year to you.

Erin said...

Nativity is coming along nicely. And I love this year's ornament design! Happy New Year to you!