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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

WIPocalypse now - February update

Full moon tonight, and thus time for the next WIPocalypse update!

Last month, I showed a progress pic for Marbek Nativity. I put it aside after the Christmas season, so I made no progress on it. I'll pick it back up during Lent and Easter, though, so next month's update should see a lot of progress.

In lieu of Nativity, I worked on Chatelaine's Convent Herbal Garden. I'm now at 17 hours:

(Click for larger picture)

Mostly, though, this past lunar cycle's stitching was spent on canvaswork. Last month I was in the middle of Laura Perin's Indian Autumn. I finished that:
(Click for larger picture)

I also started (and finished) From Nancy's Needle's Shades of Winter:
(Click for larger picture)

..and started Needle Delights Amethyst (amethyst being February's birthstone...)

By next update, I hope to have finished Amethyst and made noticeable progress on CHG and Nativity. But we'll see whether that actually pans out.

Meanwhile, back to stitching - Dirty Jobs is on!


Sara said...

Love your canvaswork, the colors are gorgeous!

Cheryl said...

Your canvas work posts are evil. I'd be in lots of trouble if I wasn't waiting for my Debbie Rowley class in a couple of weeks. Then YOU watch out! LOL.

Love seeing the center of CHG. It remains one of my favorites.

Ziggyeor said...

Started and finish, Whoo hooo! Great work!

Beth Pearce said...

WOW! Those canvas pieces are gorgeous, and you did them so fast - congratulations! The Herbal Garden is beautiful as well.

Erin said...

I think your shot of CHG is a great visual of the difference in over 2 and over 1. I haven't done over 1 in so long, I'd forgotten how delicate it looks! And I love Shades of Winter. I just might have to look into canvaswork. I saw a lovely piece on Pinterest....

BTW, I tagged you for 11 Things on my blog. http://moviemuse.blogspot.com/2012/02/11-things.html

Karen said...

Love your canvas work! Convent Herbal Garden looks beautiful already!