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Friday, January 27, 2012

A thousand and one days...

Today marks the end of round 2 of my 101List.

I completed 35 of my 101 items, with the latest item wrapping up today - the "Walk" from Lorien to Rauros. So this round ends, and the next begins, with the Breaking of the Fellowship.

Of the 6 "in progress" 101List items, 5 are carrying over to the next round. The 6th was one of a series of cumulative items (try new recipes), and the counter reset on those.

Not everything unfinished carried over to the next list. Interests and situations change. I quit WoW, and eventually started back to Curves, and the new list reflects that.

In some ways the hardest thing for me to decide to drop was teaching my daughter to stitch, sew, or yarncraft. I've come to the realization that while she can manage the mechanics, it just really isn't her interest. And that I'm actually okay with that fact. Her gifts lie in cooking, which is something I can manage at an average level but isn't really my interest. So...it was time to let that goal go.

The newest list has a little bit more of a focus on health and domestrivia than previous lists, mainly because those are areas that need work. There's not a noticeable shortening of the other categories, so I'm still trying to keep the previous balance.

But without further ado...my new list!


Fiona said...

I have at last started my first round of 101 Things, as of 1 January. I always enjoy looking at other people's lists and will watch your progress with interest :)

andi said...

Hey, you're a GBS fan, too? small world!

I started my 1st 101 things too. Good luck on this list.

Erin said...

Thought I was the only one still doing this! Nice to know I'm not alone all these years later. :-)